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Jan. 4th, 2012

... I have realized, quite painfully, that I have not posted anything to LJ since.. last year. And by last year I don't mean 4 days ago, I mean like Feb '11.

I've gotten recently obsessed with Tumblr, for which I blame a friend who shall not be named.

But a hard and fast truth is that posting fic and art on Tumblr is probably not the best way to go about it without an external link, as it gets lost and not much feedback happens, and.. bleh.
And DA is cool and all for finished art pieces, but I don't want to post my fanfic there.
And FF.net is alright, but... it's ff.net.

I wouldn't be surprised if I used this for a lot more of my progress art shots instead of the initial sketches. I like doing step by step stuff, I think it's interesting.
And when it comes to writing, I'd like to archive it somewhere. I have so many drabbles of my characters that aren't read outside of KF, and that's a shame because they're really quite lovely.

...So to anyone that even follows my blog, I assure you that I'm not like... a ghost.


This is an About Me post

Everything fandom related is open to the public and will remain so! If you'd like to friend me for my fandom-related updates, go ahead!
But I usually only return the friend request if asked (post here, please) or if I already know you.

Trust me, though, I'm not that interesting.

What about who now? Me?Collapse )

And that's about all you need to know about me. I guess. HUZZAH.




My name is Crystle, but feel free to call me by my username or Noke!

I am 21 years old, an artist, and generally boring. I also have a shopping list of obsessions which would just be a bore to write out.

This journal is mostly used for posting my art practice and fandom-related graphics and writing.
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